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Alec Soth

Alec Soth

“I fell in love with the process of taking pictures, with wandering around finding things. To me it feels like a kind of performance. The picture is a document of that performance.”  – Alec Soth

This photo, "House At Night" is one of many, belonging to Alec Soth's Project: Broken Manual. The collection focuses on the idea of escaping from the oppressive societal norms to a place where they no longer exist. As stated by Soth, Broken Manual is "...Exploration on the idea of wanting to runaway, wanting to disappear. In the end, and I saw this happen over and over again to people I met, you need other people, and there's always some connection to society."

Kristin from Alec Soth's Project: Paris/Minnesota


Alec Soth is a Fine Art Photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Much of his photography consists of works capturing the American Lifestyle and seeking beauty in things that aren’t typically seen as beautiful. Through his photography he captures the emotion in whatever the theme of his project is, through the use of inanimate objects and location as well as everyday individuals. Going into a project, he doesn’t always know what he is going to create through his medium until he starts taking some pictures and recognizes a theme within them. His work is more than attention grabbing photos, but rather it’s an Art with a message. In most of his work there’s an underlying message or idea, and an awareness of the human condition, as well as the power society has on it.


Kaskaskia, Illinois 2002 from Alec Soth's Project: Sleeping by the Mississippi




I find Soth’s work to be beautiful and quite intriguing. Having an interest in Photography, I find Soth to be truly inspirational. He started out just taking photos for himself, as well as enjoying the process of making books that compiled some of his various work, and then going more professional when he began to get a response to his work. His approach to photography is not just to catch someone’s attention, but also to create something artistically and subtly beautiful, for example a collection of movie theaters in Texas he photographed, which probably aren’t usually paid much attention. His style and subject matter is appealing to me because they are often of things that would catch my eye as well. It’s cool to see someone sharing works that display such ordinary, natural and dilapidated subjects that most people view with indifference. Its subjects like the ones captured in Soth’s work that hold an unrevealed beauty.


Niagra from Alec Soth's Project: Niagra