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Final Project Plan

Final Project Plan

Digital Approaches To Fine Arts: Final Project Plan

For my final project, I plan to do an Animation or book using my photographs. I plan to focus on the theme of Man vs. Nature and the idea of the effects of Nature on Man-made things, particularly buildings. If I use a book, I will probably use a larger size blank sketchbook or I will make the book myself. If I have the pictures printed, I will have them printed as 4x6s or 3x5s, maybe I’ll vary the sizes. If I use a sketchbook as my method of presentation then I will probably try and use one that is a size of 9×6, 8.5×11 or 9×12. If I make my book, I plan to use nice white paper for the interior pages but make the cover out of hand-made, textured paper that would work well with the theme of my project. I plan to include some text that relates to the subject matter as well as statistics for the amount of time it takes nature to take control of man made structures. The subject matter will all be realistic because I want to capture things in their natural beauty and focus on something that seems to go often unnoticed, and abstracting it I feel would take away from the effect of what I want to capture.

With this project, I want to communicate a couple of things. Although somewhat conflicting ideas, I want to capture the abandonment in all these locations but at the same time communicate more of the peace and beauty that exists in them. I also want to spark the viewers’ curiosity, imagining what might have been there before nature started to takeover. The pictures will be in color because I do not want my project to be nostalgic through the use of black and white, but I want it to be obvious that this is the current state. This is what it is now.





Sketchbook (if I decide to do a book)


Nice White Paper and Hand Made Paper

Ribbon (for the purpose of book binding)



Pencil – Animation program (if I decide on animation)