Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

My weekend…of work. Lots of work and rubber cement.

My weekend…of work. Lots of work and rubber cement.

I spent a lot of time during the weekend working on my book and I must say, I got A LOT done. Only a little more to go!! 🙂


 I spent 2 hours laying out every page of my book and ended up almost filling the books pages. I removed a couple pages in the book so that there wouldn’t be any awkward blank pages at the end. There are 40 pages in the book and then the front and back covers. Almost every page is decorated with my photos with the exception of a few that I intend to insert text onto. Here are some pictures from the two hours I spent laying out my book:


The table I was using is a popular perch for one of my cats and I was taking so long laying everything out that she decided to rebel against me taking her spot by sitting on my layout... Silly kitty!


I spent more time on my book. I managed to get almost all the photos glued in except for a couple. I truly under-estimated how long it would take. It took about 7 hours to accomplish and that was 7 hours spent with rubber cement… The texture of the paper was what made it take so long. Because of the texture, I had to double coat the rubber cement by putting it both on the surface of the paper and on the back of the photo, or else it wouldn’t stick. To make sure I was getting my photos the way I wanted, I created a mask with painters tape around the perimeter of the photo(s) and then removed it when the picture was lined up but before I pressed it down all the way. The mask both helped me line up everything as well as prevent the rubber cement from getting on the surface of the paper that wasn’t going to be covered by a photo. Lastly, for each picture I tried to wear cloth gloves to prevent fingerprints from getting all over my pictures, but on occasion I forgot to put them on, but luckily there aren’t any visible fingerprints on the photos. Here are some pictures from the process. It took a while but I took some breaks in between to get away from the stench of rubber cement!