When you think of Art, what do you think of?

I’ll be honest with you, what first comes to my mind is Painting and Drawing, and I’m sure if you approached someone on the street, they’d have a similar answer, and thus begins my point. In our modern world, it has expanded from that typical idea of Art. We have experienced many technological advances in our world that have expanded our artistic abilities, as well as scientific and mathematical abilities on a universal level. When it comes to what are called Fine Arts, the process of making a piece of work like a painting is so incomparable, and each artist has a different idea and view on how they execute their work and the style in which they do so. With Digital Art exists the idea of Manipulation that is more easily done with digital works than those works that fall into the category of Fine Arts. With programs such as Photoshop, the artist can easily manipulate a normal picture into something so abstract you wouldn’t recognize it’s original version and at the same time, you can have two different pieces – the original photograph and the edited abstract piece. In the music world, a musician can make an acoustic track and take the audio file into a program and mechanically add in various forms of percussion or appropriate accompaniment. In the visual media world, we have many magnificent animators who create characters and settings through the use of computer programs, and create frame after frame to bring their cartoon-like characters to life. With Digital Art, there are many levels and forms just like there are various genres of Fine Arts.

With such possibilities as these, come those who deny its place in the Art world, claiming a disconnection from human ability. In my opinion, I find this to be false because just like an artist can leave their mark on a painting, they can leave a digital mark as well. It won’t necessarily be through the type of brush strokes they use or the way in which they create forms but rather in the ideas they have to transform a digital piece. No one thinks exactly the same; therefore no one can have an identical idea, which they will approach their digital masterpiece with. Granted there will be copycats who try to claim the approach as their own, but there does exist originality in digital pieces or Visual Art, Visual Media, Music, etc. It’s more than process; it’s a formula of creativity and innovation but also combined with aspects of science and math to achieve something remarkable.

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